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Today I took my first spin with the new, super cool service called which launched yesterday. I elected to stream my personal project where I’m creating a cloud based call center solution. I have to admit I was a little nervous to code live. For some reason I tend to associate doing it live with Bill O’Reilly’s video where he flips the f*ck out shouting “We’ll do it live!” Make sure you fast forward to 1:01.

I initially made the newbie mistake by not modifying the video bit rate which OBS has defaulted to 2300. This was causing my stream to cut in and out. After getting the video and audio set correctly I had no more issues. So for 3 hours or so I coded live without any breaks. I was so concerned about the great potential for background noise since I have 2 daughters under 4 years old who tend to get very loud. The people watching my stream were very cool and laid back about things.

While coding I did as much commentary as I could. I think the commentary is really needed so that people understand what you’re doing or what problem you’re solving. Having just a stream where people see you go from file to file without any commentary doesn’t really have the appropriate effect in my opinion. I certainly want people to feel engaged while I code. One of the great benefits to live streaming is that I can even query the viewers for input, which I did when I was adding a new method to one of my repositories. I certainly see big things in’s future.

As for statistics I had nearly 250 views with upwards of 28 people watching me at a single time. Overall I had a great time. Feel free to checkout my channel as I will certainly be coding live again in the very near future (maybe even tomorrow).

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  1. Chris

    Hi Jordan! This is Chris from Livecodingtv. Great post! I’m glad you had an awesome experience with your first livestream. Hope to see you around often. If you have any ideas and suggestions for improvement, please add them to our roadmap:



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